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The eConsortium advantage

A trusted platform for cooperative learning and enterprising worldwide
eCommerce enabled Consortium for intra-business development and exchanges.

Get Privileges and Reward

You create a job or profession when you subscribe to an Affiliation or Associate Plan. You can create a new business or enhance your existing business performance with a Registry Plan.

The eConsortium hosts a chain of interconnected and internationally recognised domain brands. Registry Members are allocated with a specialty sub domain for quick brand affiliation to transform themselves to a new area of growth.


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  • For holders of Competency Award.
  • Create a job or career.
  • Privileges
  • Affiliation Privileges and Program Plan for financial returns.
  • Flexible career or parrallel jobbing opportunities.

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  • For holders of Certification Award.
  • Create a profession, by specialisation.
  • Privileges
  • Associate Privileges and Program Plan for financial return.
  • Inter-disciplinary and trans-business opportunities

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  • For holders of Globalisation Award.
  • Create a business, by specialty interest.
  • Privileges
  • Registry Privileges and Financial Plan for return of investment.
  • Value added business and enhancement opportunities