Strategic Global Apps Plan

Brand Development and Affiliation.
A Strategic Global Media Application module.

The Program aligns members' competencies into one global consortium for service.
Eligible for subscription to Consortium Registry Plan. .

A Qualifying Module for Consortium Registry at Qcircle.


  • Good Brand leverage with choice of internationally recognised Knowledge Domain and Portal for growth.
  • Strategic Development and Integration of members's competency with ready business enhancement plan.

The Program

Strategic Global (SG) Apps Program is for entrepreneurs and professionals who have proven prior IT or internet media knowledge and know hows. The program is also for corporates that require an aided development of the application.

The application module prepares members to be ready for the new economy challenges with a shared knowledge management system. The program provides the understanding of Qcircle Knowledge Ecosystem. It aids members to explore its brand opportunities and new marketplaces.

Members will be allocated with a dedicated business template for the brand development and implementation.

Processes : Select Knowledge Domain >> Apply Specialty Business Template >> Develop Sub Domian

For who?

  • Qualified Member or Certified Professionals
  • Certified Member's Business Entity or Members sponsored corporations
  • For those who have completed an SGM Module that need futher aid to implement and activate their allocated businesss online.


  • Highly self motivated persons with entrepreneurial drive or existing business outfit.
  • Subscriber of a Consortium Registry Plan

Choice of SGM Module for implementation and accreditation

  • Infocomm SG Module for Business Members Registry
  • E-biz SG Module for Ecommerce Members Registry
  • Professionals SG Module for Global Partners Registry

Brand Privileges

  • Ready business system with well branded knowledge domain and specialty portal for growth
  • Resource collaboration with a built-in cooperative development system
  • Rich business content with virtual business online support

Delivery Mode

  • Online process implementation
  • Mentoring Support or aided development


  • Pro-active directed development
  • Aided online integration and brand application
  • Completion within a 3-month action period


  • Submission of Achievement Report File including a SGM Application Plan
  • Online implementation and successful application review


  • Strategic Global Ready Award (Open)
  • Consortium Registry Member with a allocated branded specialty sub domain for business.