Singland Strategic Global Media is an infocomm development hub to align members' products and services into one structured knowledge platform ready for new economy challenges. Choice of Solution Gateway and Solution Global Plans for the integration into worldwide marketplaces. hosts a variety of good domain brands for members participation and for them to find new opportunities and synergy for their operation.

Domain website :

Singland Strategic Global Media and Domain Brand

Singland Strategic Global Media (Singland SGM) provides a variety of IT driven business and professional management application tools. As the catalyst for enhanced growth, Singland SGM offers a set of ready solution for members to reposition themselves into new marketplaces.

It offers both education development and business development opportunities.

Featured Award Program :

SGM Application Modules are accredited for a Globalisation Award by Qcircle. All awards are recognised for subscription to Consortium Plan for rewards.

Strategic Global Media (SGM) Application Modules for members' integration into the global marketplaces.

The Strategic Development and Integration Gateway Program aligns members services and products worldwide.

  • Infocomm Solution Gateway

    Solution Gateway. Infocomm SG Plan helps members to grow their business and professional services with a global presence.

  • E-biz Solution Global

    Solution Global. E-biz SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to aid members to stay relevant and be connected for new economy challenges.

  • Professionals Strategic Global

    Strategic Global. Professionals SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to aid members to advance themselves to be a Global Host in their country.

Consortium Plan and Privileges

Singland SGM provides job and business development for its members.

On completion of a integration program, participants receive an appropriate Award to develop their career and job with their newly acquired skillset at Qcircle / SSGM. They are eligible to subscribe to a Consortium Plan for privileges and financial returns.

  • Affiliate Plan
  • Associate Plan
  • Registry Plan

All qualified persons are welcome to subscribe to be an Affiliation Plan for recognition as a Qualified Professional Affiliate for immediate job reward and progress thereon.

Award and Reward

Qualified Professional (SGM) Program for Affiliate Plan

  • Competency (SGM) Award Program is for all academically qualified persons to be inducted into Qcircle / SSGM for service.
  • Privileges
  • Job credential : Certified Professional (SGM) at Qcircle / SSGM on subscription to an Affiliate Plan for financial reward.

Certifying Professionals (SGM) Program for Associate Plan

  • Certification (SGM) Award Program is for recognized persons from an approved institution of learning to be associated with Qcircle / SSGM for service.
  • Privileges
  • Job credential : Certified Specialist (SGM) at Qcircle / SSGM on subscription to an Associate Plan for financial reward.

Certifying Businesses Program for Registry Plan

  • The program is a submission by Certified Professionals or mature candidates with prior qualification and experience and intend to own a corporate entity to deliver SGM Applications and services.
  • Privileges
  • Registry credential : Distinguished endorsement as Business Host of Qcircle / SSGM on subscription to Registry Plan for business return.