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Members Partners Plan

Members as Partners:  

Members Partners are subscribers of Registry or Partners Plan. They are able to offer their core expertise to fellow members within the consortium and organise / conduct Qcircle's specialty programs and applications.

Uniquely the eConsortium provides intra-ecommerce and a co-platform of domain brands for members to enhance the delivery of their products and services in global marketplaces.

Value Chain Creation :  

Members Partners are allocated with an internationally recognised specialty domain name for strategic integration into the eConsortium and to create a new value chain.

Eligible parties are also welcome to join the eConsortium and apply for brand affiliation.
Subscribers of Associate Plan can also apply for an upgrade to a Registry Plan.

For upgrade or to make a direct application, select a Consortium Plan to subscribe before advancing to the next stage of development.


  • Requisite
  • Completion of an Enterprise Transformation (1) Program
    Select Domain Brand.


  • Requisite
  • Completion of an Enterprise Transformation (2) Program.
    Select Domain Brand.

Choice of Domain Brand

Registry Members and Collaborative Partners are eligible to select an area of specialisation from our knowledge portal and apply for the brand affiliation. On successful application, you will be allocated a specialty sub domain name for a quick online branding.

Eg or