Brand Affiliation

Strategic Globalisation

Create your choice Value Chain

Select specialty domain for brand affiliation privileges
Develop and activate domain for eConsortium recognition.

Value Chain Creation Reward

For who?

Subscribers of Registry and Partners Plan as Members Partners.

Digitalisation Growth

Create a value chain with choice domain name for brand affiliation. Qcircle hosts a chain of interconnected rich keyword domain names ready for members to re-position themselves within the eConsortium and for collaborative outreach worldwide.

Brand Affiliation is a unique privilege for all Members Partners.There are hundreds of branded domains with business content available as choices to suit your personal and specialisation interest. Members apply /select a domain brand to become part of Qcircle and its digitalisation growth process.

Virtual to reality. Develop allocated domain template and activate for eConsortium recognition and reward.

Domain Brand Affiliation and Sub Domain Activation

Members Partners will be affiliated to a specialty knowledge domain and an appropriate sub-domain for development. Example of allocated identification link, or

Members Partners who hold a Strategic Global Ready Award and completed a Enterprise Transformation program are eligible to self activate the allocated sub-domain brand. Alternatively, Members Partners may subcribe to an Aided development and Activation mode to complete the implementation process.

Apply Domain Brand

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  • Subscribe to a Members Partners Plan for a specialty domain based on your competency.
  • Apply a domain brand to suit your profession or business interest. Be transformed to enterprise @ Qcircle.
  • Select sub domain by specialisaton template for a directed development of the allocated domain.

Develop Sub Domain

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  • Subscribe to Enterprise Transformation Pack to develop your allocated domain.
  • Develop allocated sub domain to enhance delivery of your core competencies with Qcircle Apps.
  • Select SGM Application Model for integrative development and implementation.

Select Activation Mode

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  • Select a mode to activate your domain for eConsortium recognition worldwide.
  • Self -activation for holders of Strategic Global Ready Award and/or completion of a directed internship program OR
  • Aided development and activation by Qcircle SGM Applicator / Professional for direct upgrade to a Registry Plan.