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Education + Business : Entrepreneurial Innovation

Qcircle Apps is a systematic integration of applicants' competencies into Qcircle and its ecosystem for digitalisation growth. You are provided with a set of "E+B" initiatives to innovate and align yourselves into a uniquely structured ecommerce enabled Consortium for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide. All consortium members are empowered to promote Qcircle and its applications.

Members can use the Qcircle Apps to chart their growth plan or use it as a handy business tool for immediate income generation.

Consortium Plan : Privileges and Reward

Participation is by subscription of a value based Consortium Plan. You can chart your progression with Qcircle Apps and explore the pathway opportunities to grow your potential in one trusted eConsoritum. Learn and earn at the same time. All consortium members will be given access to the Privileges and Reward Schedule for their pro-active participation and self actualisation of financial return.

You can subscribe to a Starters Plan to begin your growth journey with Qcircle or apply direct to an Affiliation Plan for immediate association with the eConsortium.


Join the eConsortium. Subscribe Starters Plan

Get started. Explore the opportunities and apply Qcircle Award for privileges and reward.

Chart your progress. Explore App opportunities

Directed Growth. Select a Consortium Plan to progress with the eConsortium and its domain brand

Grow your potential. Know your reward

Self-help Reward. All participants get eConsortium recognition and privileges.