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Education plus Business @ Qcircle

Qcircle has a uniquely built integrated Education plus Business (" E + B ") Portal that provides self help opportunities and innovation for the creation of new jobs and businesses. .

Qcircle is an open platform for cooperative learning and cross business development among networked members. It has a multi-disciplinary support framework with a variety of interconnected specialty portals and service channels to meet members' growth endeavours. It provides the space for intellectual interaction, entrepreneurial innovation and development of projects for implementation at Qcircle. Here, members cooperate as a team to achieve and enhance each other performance.

With the " E + B" Portal, participants can qualify themselves with an Innovation Award and subscribe to a Consortium Plan for privileges and financial reward.

Particpation @ Qcircle

As a trusted eCommerce enabled platform, you need to be a registered member at the eConsortium to particpate in the "E+B" Portal.

You are welcome to join us as a Qualified Client User/ Starters Member to begin the journey with us. You can apply for a Competency Award to qualify you to subscribe to an Affiliation Plan for privileges. You advance thereon at your own pace and place.

Explore and discover the opportunities to grow your potential @ Qcircle.