Mentoring Members

Job and Business Creation Mentorship

Are you Qualified? Get Certified.

Be distinguished as Qcircle Certified.
Get eConsortium's privileges and reward.

Why certified with Qcircle?

  • Flexible job and business to suit your interest and life style choice.
  • Affiliation with internationally recognised brand and ready marketplaces.
  • Good financial returns with Qcircle Consortium Plan.

  • Mentoring Members Plan :

    The Mentoring Members Plan is a cooperative learning initiative. The service is provided by Qcircle Certifed Professionals / Mentors to assist fellow members to upgrade themselves and be part of Qcircle for career advancement or business enhancement.

    Opportunities and Privileges :

    The Mentorship program offers members the opportunity to be certified for subscription to an Associate or Registry Plan for Privileges and Reward. Members have a choice of three program plans to suit their development pursuit.

    Getting Certified with a Mentoring Program :


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    • Certifying Members with mentoring aid.
    • Create a job at Qcircle.
    • Qcircle Induction. New business and mentoring skill-set development
    • Job opportunities as Certified Qcircle Consultant / Professional / Mentor.
    • Associate Plan for privileges and financial rewards.


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    • Certifying Professionals with mentoring aid.
    • Create a profession by specialisation.
    • Qcircle Induction. Choice of specialty and profession development.
    • Speciality service provider as Qcircle Certified Professional / Specialist.
    • Associate Plan for business privileges and reward.


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    • Certifying Businesses with mentoring aid.
    • Create a business.
    • Qcircle Induction. Choice of business and regional development.
    • Business opportunities as Qcircle Business Online, Ecommerce or Global Host.
    • Registry Plan for business privileges and reward.