Job Creation

JobCreation is a societal service channel at Qcircle Portal. It is an online interactive that provides job and development and advisory services to members. Mentoring Plans are available separately to aid members in their growth process.

Interactive Domain :

Job Creation Plan @ Qcircle

Creating job and profession by specialisation.

All programs are conducted by members for fellow members.

Job Creation Opportunities:

  • Affiliate @ Qcircle as Qualified Afiliate / Professional Affiliate / Corporate Affiliates for all business and service practitioners in any disciplines
  • Associate @ Qcircle as Certified Consultnat / Mentor / Professional in any disciplines. .
  • Chartered Professional / Specialist at Chartered Network
  • Certified Montessorian Professional / Montessorian Educator at Montessorian World.
  • Qcircle Certified SGM Professional / Specialist at Singland SGM

Participants need to subscribe to an appropriate Affiliation or Associate Plan to get privileges and reward.
Participation at Job Creation Forum to know more or enrol to one of the Qcircle organised Qualifying Events.

Professional Development and Certification Award

Certifying Members and Professionals @ Qcircle
for participation at Qcircle and its knowledge hub. Create a Job!.
Support at eLEARN at eLITE Online