Get Awards

Apply Qcircle Award

Requisite for participation at the eConsortium

Directed growth plan and award
for Consortium privileges and reward.

Progression Opportunities

Qcircle Award is granted to participants based on their education achievement and proven business and professional competency. The Award is categorised for systematic progression and business interest in the eConsortium

Category of Award :  

  • Competency Award
  • Certification Award .
  • Globalisation Award

Award and Privileges :  

With an Award, you can create a job or business on subscription of a Consortium Plan. The Plan allocates privileges and financial rewards for your participation.

  • Be Qualified.
  • Eligible for Affiliate Plan with Job Opportunities.
  • Progression
  • Subscribe Affiliate Plan for Privileges and Reward.

  • Get Certified.
  • Eligible for Associate Plan with Specialisation Opportunities.
  • Progression
  • Subscribe Associate Plan for Privileges and Reward.

  • Go Global.
  • Eligible for Registry Plan in Hosting Opportunities.
  • Progression
  • Subscribe Registry Plan for Privileges and Reward.