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Integrated Education plus Business Portal.
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Qcircle Growth Plan

The Education plus Business ("E+B") Portal is structured for exploratory learning and entreprenuerial innovation for new jobs and businesses. As a sustainable growth process, the Portal features blended learning with a virtual enterprise platform for members to discover new opportunities and grow their capabilities.

It offers a diverse range of development initiatives and growth propositions for members to learn to innovate and advance themselves into one global ecommerce enabled consortium for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide.

Under the eConsortium Ecosystem, all services to members are provided by fellow members. Members are aligned to an integrated knowledge management system for intra business services and support. Here, members with their core competencies help one another to create new jobs and businesses within the eConsortium.

The Education plus Business Portal

Digitalisation growth paradigm : The eConsortium @ Qcircle

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Integration @ Service Channels

Ecosystem support for members and by fellow members.