eConsortium Ecosystem

Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem

Qcircle is a unique ecommerce enabled Consortium.

The eConsortium Ecosystem enables cooperative learning and business development among networked members worldwide.

Education + Business Innovation Ecosystem

Qcircle is a consortium of investors, innovators, developers, educators and service providers. Digitally connected, it has a shared resource management system for members to help one another in their education, business and entrepreneurial pursuits. Distinctively, a eConsortium ecosystem for digitalisation growth

The growth pathway is supported by a structured "Education plus Business" Development Portal. Here, members can explore for opportunities and create their own job and business wherever they reside. They find their own fit and synergy and collaborate with fellow members to achieve within the eConsortium.

Qcircle holds a diverse range of internationally recognised knowledge domains, specialty portals and service channels. They are strategically connected in the eConsortium to create synergistic impact in making the performance of each other business better.

Consortium members are qualified to participate in the chain of inter-connected business entities and are branded with rich keyword knowledge and service domain names for doing business in today's digital world. They are granted privileges to promote Qcircle and its branded products and applications as their value added services.

Qcircle is also supported by a distinguished circle of collaborative partners from the education and industry sectors as well as our knowledge partners and investment clienteles. It has emerged as a dynamic eConsortium in constant self-formation, development and growth.

All participants are part of Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem for growth together. Members with different competencies and specialties in the chain of interconnected knowledge domains are banded together as one Knowledge Hub for synergistic outreach. Here, consortium members help one another to create job, business and value chain among themselves at the eConsortium. The eConsortium is open for participation by choice of a Consortium Plan, namely Affiliate, Associate, Registry or Partners Plan. The Plan allocates business privileges and financial reward.

Qcircle provides the cooperative development framework for all networked members to regenerate ideas and create values among themselves under the aegis of its eConsortium Ecosystem. Members with their core competencies and specialities provides their products and services at Qcircle Knowledge Hub for intra-business development and growth together.