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Transformation and Empowerment Series

Enterprise Development Plan

Enter Qcircle's prepared eLITE environment
Select a development module.
All eLite programs are accredited by Qcircle and for subscription to an appropriate Consortium Plan.

Members on completion of the each level of eLite Program (1 to 3) can apply for an appropriate Award and subscription to a Consortium Plan for reward. eLITE (Full Enterprise Pack) is available for fast track development.

Induction to Qcircle eLITE Environment

  • Progression Proposal - The Entrepeurial Innovation Start-up Plan
  • Strategic positioning of new business for growth and setting pathwayed opportunitites in digitalised marketplaces.
  • Submission of Growth Project File for Members Competency Assessment. Application for a Competency Award.
  • Eligible for subscription to Affiliation Plan (Qualified Affiliate, Professional or Corporate).

Integration to Qcircle Members Consortium

  • Integration Proposal - The Strategic Gateway Plan.
  • Strategic development for new marketplaces. Integration of members' competencies into the eConsoritum for growth.
  • Submission of Integration Report File for Certification Assessment. Application of Certification Award (Open).
  • Eligible for subscription to an Associate Plan (Certified Professional or Corporate).

Transformation with Qcircle Domain Brand

  • Brand Affiliation - The Solution Global Plan.
  • Getting into the critical factors of today's success. Affiliating with good domain brand for global marketplaces.
  • Submission of Branding Project File for Strategic Global Ready Assessment. Application for a Globalisation Award (Open).
  • Eligible for subscription to an appropriate Registry Plan.

Enterprising worldwide with Qcircle

  • Enterprise development - complete application.
  • Getting into Qcircle's knowledge management system. Full induction into Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem for digitalisation growth..
  • Submission of Enterprise Project File for online review and implemmentation. Application for activation with sub domain brand.
  • Direct to Registry Plan . One year complimentary subscription to Registry Plan (Business Online Category)

Program Format and Agenda

Program Plan may vary to meet local requirements of participants

See eLITE Qcircle Program