Domain Brands

Strategic Globalisation

Value Chain Creation.

Internationally recognised specialty domain names.
Good domain brand affiliation to augur development success.

Digitalisation and the eConsortium

Qcircle owns and manages over 500 specialty domain brands with strong keywords and descriptors. These rich domain names are strategically interconnected in one shared environment to augur sustainable development and growth among all its stakeholders. The eConsortium Ecosystem provides all networked members the opportunity to help one another in their growth process.

Consortium Plan allocates privileges and rewards. Members are provided with a series of pro-action to complete the digitalisation process for identification and participation at Qcircle.

All subscribers of Registry and Partners Plan as a Members Partner have the added privilege to create their choice value chain within the eConsortium.

Knowledge Portal and Domain Brands

Members Partners are eligible to select an area of specialisation for participation with one of our knowledge domains. Members will be allocated a specialty sub domain name for a quick online branding and business startup.

To effect the brand affiliation, members need to apply for a specialty template for development and online implementation. Alternatively, members can subscribe to App Module for an aided development to activate their dedicated business website.