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An e-commerce enabled Consortium
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Partnering for Growth

The eConsortium is for all who are desirous to be part of Qcircle and its digitalisation growth plan.  It features a unique ecosystem for members to help one another to re-position themselves in today's global economy and to meet the challenges of the future. 

It has a built Education plus Business Portal that provides a variety of learning and enterprenerial development initiatives. The Portal offers intra ecommerce and exchanges and a series of job and business creation programs to generate growth opportunities among networked members.

The eConsortium is in constant self-formation, development and growth.

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Staged award provides self pace development to meet your personal, professional or business needs.

  • Competency Award
  • Certification Award
  • Globalisation Award

With an award, you can create a job, profession or business with a Consortium Plan.

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Consortium Plan allocates members privileges and rewards based on their competencies and choice of business interest.

  • Affiliation Plan
  • Associate Plan
  • Registry Plan

Associate and Registry Members are Qcircle Certified Professionals and Business Practitioners/Owners with their own field of specialisation. They are trained to promote Qcircle and its applications as their value added services.

Partners Plan is for strategic collaborators (including Investment Clienteles) with specialty knowledge and expertise know-hows offering their core services for start-ups or financial and business collaboration with fellow consortium members.

Affiliation Plan

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  • Get Affiliation Privileges and financial reward
  • Requisite : Holders of Competency Award
  • - Choice of participation -
  • Affiliation Plan (1) as Qualified Affiliate
  • Affiliation Plan (2) as Qualified Professional
  • Affiliation Plan (3) as Qualified Corporate

Associate Plan

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  • Get Associate Privileges and financial reward
  • Requisite : Holders of Certification Award
  • - Choice of participation -
  • Associate Plan (1) as as a Certified Professional
  • Associate Plan (2) as a Certified Specialist
  • Associate Plan (3) as a Certified Corporate

Registry Plan

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  • Get Registry Privileges and financial reward
  • Requisite : Holders of Globalisation Award
  • - Choice of participation -
  • Registry Plan (1) Business Online with domain brand affiliation
  • Registry Plan (2) Ecommerce Gallery with interative ebusiness services
  • Registry Plan (3) Global Host as Chapter/Community, Regional Education or Business Host.

Partners Plan

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  • Get Partners Privileges and financial reward.
  • Requisite : By nomination or invitation
  • - Choice of participation -
  • As a Global Partner - all sectors.
  • As a Strategic Partner - all sectors.
  • As an eBusiness Partner - all sectors