The World's largest integrated platform of networked chartered professionals. Chartered Network hosts a multi-disciplinary platform of businesses and professionals. It is uniquely networked under a distinctive set of rich keyword domains and ready for global marketplaces and new economy challenges. The Strategic Gateway for entrepreneurs and professionals to position themselves into new reach and opportunities.

Domain website :

Chartered Network International

Chartered Network International (CNI) offers both educational and business services in conjunction with BPII Organisation. CNI is supported by Qcircle Global Education and Development Portal. CNI provides inter disciplinary participation among members and for cooperative development and doing business worldwide.

CNI provides Mentoring Members Plan.

  • Competency based Continual Education Development
  • Professional and Business Certification Award
Participating members are guided to design a self contracted Action Agenda for actualisation of their plan. Members may subscribe to a Job or Business Creation Mentoring Program as aid to their growth process

CNI hosts a series of rich keyword domains as Specialty Portals for participation by members under the Consortium Registry Plan. Each portal is uniquely developed as strategic gateway and service channel for members to meet new economy challenges in the global marketplaces.

Featured Award Program

Chartered Professional and Chartered Specialist are job credentials of Chartered Network International. "Becoming Chartered is a unique pathway program for the development of Chartered Professionals / Specialists and Business / Education Hosts.

Privileges and Reward

Chartered Network International (CNI) provides job and business development opportunities for its members.

On completion of a choice Certification program, participants receive an appropriate Award to develop their career and job with their newly acquired skillset at Qcircle / CNI. They are eligible to subscribe to a Consortium Plan for privileges and financial returns.

  • Affiliation Plan
  • Associate Plan
  • Registry Plan

Progression :

All qualified person are welcome to be an Afffiliation Member to begin their growth with us.

  • Completion of a Certification Award program >> Subscription to an Associate Plan for privileges.
  • Completion of Strategic Global Applications Module >> Subscription of a Registry Plan for added privileges


Job and business opportunities with a Consortium Plan. Participants can subscribe to an appropriate Plan based on their competency and interest.

  • Qualified Associate or Professional promotes CNI's activities and provides service support.
  • Chartered Professional or Chartered Specialist Professional advances CNI's value added services and provide service support to fellow members / course participants.
  • Registered Business, Chapter and Regional Host (by geographical location) manages and responsible business operation in their community. They organise businesses, regular contact meetings and promotion activities in their country.

Certification Award and Financial Reward :

Chartered Professional Program

  • Chartered Professional Award Program is for all academically qualified persons to be inducted into CNI as Chartered Professional for recognition and service to the communities at Qcircle..
  • Chartered Professional is a distinguished job title and a credential award of Qcircle / CNI.
  • By Membership Competency Assessment and Internship Report Review.
  • Privileges
  • Eligible for subscription to Associate Plan for financial reward.

Chartered Specialist Program

  • Chartered Specialist Award Program is for professionals from an approved professional institution to be inducted into CNI as a Chartered Specialist for recognition and service to the communities at Qcircle.
  • Chartered Specialist is a distinguished job tiitle and a credential award of Qcircle / CNI.
  • By Membership Competency Assessment and Internship Report Review.
  • Privileges
  • Eligible for subscription to Associate Plan for financial reward.

Certifying Businesses Program

  • The program is for Chartered Professionals or mature candidates who possess approved qualification and business experience to be integrated to Qcircle and CNI for service.
  • Distinguished business endorsement and consortium credential of Qcircle / CNI.
  • By Direct Entry Assessment. Submission of a well documented business profile and Practice Proposition File.
  • Privileges
  • Direct subscription to Registry Plan for business return.