The World's largest integrated platform of networked chartered professionals. Chartered Network hosts a multi-disciplinary platform of businesses and professionals. It is uniquely networked under a distinctive set of rich keyword domains and ready for global marketplaces and new economy challenges. The Strategic Gateway for entrepreneurs and professionals to position themselves into new reach and opportunities.

Domain :

Chartered Professionals around the World

Participation : Domain brand affiliation

Job, business and value chain creation.

All members are digitally connected to a distinctive domain name for cooperative development and brand affiliation. In the process, members create their own job, business and value chain in the eConsortium for provision of their core services and businesses. Choice of domain brand to participation.

Programs @ Chartered Network

Globalisation Plan for Educators, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Chartered Network International (CNI) offers both educational and business services in conjunction with Qcircle. It provides internship for both professional and business development and a platform for interdisciplinary colloaboration.

CNI hosts a series of rich keyword domains as specialty portals. Participation is by subscription of a Consortium Plan. Induction program is specifically developed for members to be part of Network to meet new challenges in the global marketplaces.

Get Chartered. CNI provides :

  • Competency based Internship and Development
  • Professional and Business Certification Award

Featured Award Program

Chartered Professional and Chartered Specialist are job credentials of Chartered Network International. "Becoming Chartered is a unique pathway program for the development of Chartered Professionals / Specialists and Business Hosts. Participating members are guided to design a self contracted Action Agenda for actualisation of their plan. Members may subscribe to a Job or Business Creation Mentoring Program as aid to their growth process

Chartered Network @ the eConsortium

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Consortium Plan and Privileges

Chartered Network International (CNI) provides job and business development opportunities.

On completion of a choice integration program, participants receive an appropriate Award to develop their career and job or advance a business at Qcircle / CNI. They are eligible to subscribe to a Consortium Plan for privileges and financial returns. All qualified persons are welcome to subscribe an Afffiliate Plan for immediate job reward and progress thereon.

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