Business Certification Program

Business Certification Program

A business enhancement program.

Becoming Certified with business endorsement credential.
Qualifying program for participation at Qcircle eConsortium.


  • Leverage on Qcircle's internationally recognised Domain Brands and Specialty Portal for growth.
  • Integration of Members's competency with consortium plan.

For who?

  • Members with relevant qualification and experience who are desirous to be Certified for service @ Qcircle.
  • Established Business Owners or Practitioners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals in any discipline.

Interest Group

  • Corporate @ Qcircle.
  • Business or Professional Practice by specialisation .


  • Highly motivated and qualified persons with proven experience or an existing professional practice or business.

Submission Requirement

  • Stage 1 : Choice of Interest and Proposal
  • Stage II : Business Profiling and Project Enhancement Plan
  • Stage III : Strategic Global. Application and Development
  • Stage IV and V : Implementation and Review

Delivery Mode

  • Online or classroom participation (including seminars and in house internship option) or both
  • Mentoring Support. Schedule as mutually agreed between mentor and mentee.


  • Self contracted Action Plan
  • Directed active learning and process development
  • Completion within a 3-month action period

Pathway Opportunities

  • Eligible for subscription of Advance Affiliation Plan for privileges and rewards.

eConsortium Privileges

  • Consulting and Business Development Opportunities
  • Faculty Members at Education and Business Advisory Board (by Appointment)
  • Panel Members at Practice and Job Consulting Panel (By appointment)


  • Submission of Business Profile and Achievement Report File including an implementation of a Business Proposal Plan
  • Successful professional and business competency review. Oral presentation and or internship


  • Qcircle Business Certification Award
  • Job title and with business endorsement mark on subscription of an Affiliation Plan (Corporate)