about us

Education + Business Consortium

We are an ecommerce enabled consortium of investors, knowledge developers, entrepreneurial innovators and service providers. Together, we are in constant self-formation, development and growth under one unified Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem.

We offer a Global Education and Business Development Portal for cooperative learning and doing business among networked members worldwide. Our focus is on job and business creation and the regeneration of ideas to create new value. We provide the platform for members to partner among themselves for intra-business privileges and e-commerce rewards.

Qcircle is open for participation by subscription of a Consortium Plan.

Who We Are

Qcircle is the dedicated digital media of BPII Organisation. It is uniquely a digitalised consortium. The platform provides education and business development under one shared knowledge management and ecommerce enabled system. All members are systematically inducted into Qcircle and are partakers of its new growth paradigm.

BPII Organisation is the business name of BPI International Group Pte Ltd, a company incorporated in Singapore since 1988. The Organisation owns and manages a chain of education based business entities under the aegis of Qcircle.

Qcircle is an IT driven interactive hub that holds a variety of strategic development platforms. It has a built mega infrastructure of interconnected specialty knowledge portals and service channels for inter-disciplinary learning, cooperative exchanges and business development worldwide.

The dynamics of Qcircle is supported by an idelogically configured "Education plus Business" Portal with a digitalisation growth plan. Our series of internationally recognised knowledge domains, product brands and service channels provide members the business catalyst and leverage advantage to augur well their growth endeavours. Distinctively, we provide entrepreneurial innovation and brand affiliation process for integration into one eConsortium @ Qcircle in meeting today's digital economy challenges.

About Qcircle

Qcircle is uniquely a new world consortium. It features a shared environment with an integrated "Education plus Business" Portal for all to participate creatively.