IPO Event

Innovation Public Offer (IPO) Event

Invitation to Qcircle. Get Connected.

Find innovation offers to get you started.
Complimentary Starters Plan @ Qcircle for all participants to create progression path.

What is Innovation Public Offer (IPO) ?

IPO is an open invitation for all to be part of Qcircle and its knowledge ecosystem for growth.

Why Qcircle ?

A new paradigm of growth. Qcircle is a uniquely structured Ecosystem Consortium with an "Education plus Business" Development Portal. It is a knowledge based platform with many ready business opportunities and virtual places for cooperative learning and development among members.

Qcircle is in constant self-formation, development and growth. We offer a variety of gateway programs for all to partake in its growth processes.

Opportunities and Privileges :

Join us to explore Qcircle for opportunities or get to know us better at our Events.

All participants to our Events will receive a one year complimentary Starters Plan @ Qcircle to find their fit and chart their progression in our prepared "E+B" ecosystem environment.