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The eConsortium

Awards + Rewards

Qcircle is uniquely a new world Consortium. It features an ecommerce enabled platform with a large cyber infrastructure of interconnected specialty knowledge portals and service channels for cooperative learning and doing business among its members worldwide.

Qcircle holds a chain of business entities and over 500 rich keyword domain brands. They are digitally integrated into one mega Consoritum to augur synergy and a new ecosystem of ecommerce successes.

Qcircle is now driven by its eConsortium Ecosystem. It also has an ideologically built Education plus Business ("E + B") portal for sustainable development and growth. Here, members find their growth pathway, partner with one another to learn, innovate and be transformed well to fit into today's digital world.

Explore Qcircle's prepared environment and its growth paradigm : Get award and internationally recognised domain brands for value applications and ready marketplaces. Qcircle is open for participation by a choice of Consortium Plan. You can chart your progression with Qcircle Apps.

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